Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to MindHeal!

MindHeal is a journey into inner healing.

After practising for 21 years under some of the best homeopaths in India, and consulting both in India and abroad, I founded MindHeal Homeopathy.

MindHeal is a genetic and constitutional approach to unlocking the human body’s intuitive power to heal itself. (See About MindHeal). And if that sounds rather complex, no worries. Leave the intricacies to our MindHeal team.

Using pure homeopathic remedies, we adapt classic homeopathy to modern concerns and experience some truly dramatic results.

So, do those sugary, white pills really work? Well, watch these videos. It will take less than 5 minutes.

15 days later… (Also notice the overall change in the patient’s physical appearance, temperament and general demeanour)


Myth #1: Homeopathic remedies ‘take an age’ to work and are meant only for those who have the time ’to check them out’.

Most patients arrive at my clinic after running from pillar to post and consulting with numerous specialists. Apart from undergoing a series of diagnostic tests (which by the way are useful even to a homeopath although from a slightly different point of view), they are usually given various drugs and, like our patient in the video, sometimes recommended surgery even when not necessary.

Most people are bred on conventional allopathic medicine and having reached a point of desperation, frantically swallow this course of treatment.

Is there another way?

Discussion: Homeopathy doesn’t ‘treat’ patients. It is a mind-body approach to healing. That’s why the first consultation takes about an hour. Follow-ups typically take around 15 minutes.

Myth #2: Unfortunately, the detailed history-taking of the first consultation has given rise to the myth that homeopaths 'dig deep into your personal history', and that the process is long and tedious. Not true.

As illustrated in the video, the initial consultation is used to determine:
  • the major sources of stress in the patient’s life
  • possible triggers for disease
  • the patient’s temperament and dominant personality traits
The practitioner needs to assess the individual in his / her context, identify potential stressors, triggers for illness, and how the individual reacts to his / her life circumstances – there is no attempt at counselling.

The initial consultation thus provides a holistic picture of the individual – your temperament – which corresponds to your unique genetic, biochemical and organic make-up. Together, this forms your ‘constitutional’ make-up. Hence, homeopathic remedies – yes, those little white pills – are called ‘constitutional remedies’.

Triggers: In our video, the patient’s trigger was a visit to his terminally ill sister-in-law, which brought back memories of his wife who had died a painful death many years ago. When struck by ptosis, he couldn’t function at work but felt an overwhelming sense of helplessness. He continued to go to the office so that he wouldn’t feel 'completely useless’. But that didn’t work. The clincher (at the end of the video) was his utter powerlessness at being unable to help his son with finances.

For a self-made, inflexible and proud man who didn’t accept handouts, this was a deadly psychological blow, which he converted into a physical symptom.

In subsequent posts, we shall discuss how people unconsciously ‘choose’ their symptoms or why two people with similar temperaments develop two completely different types of illnesses.

Re-awaken the healer in you...
–  Dr Anita Salunkhe, MD
MindHeal Homeopathy is based in Chembur, Mumbai. To find out more about The MindHeal Way, call: 022-25230530 / +91-9930363981. Or write to Website: We’ll be happy to answer all your queries.


  1. Anita, Is this the new name of Predictive Homoeopathy? Violeta Teneva Bulgaria

  2. Hi Violeta, It's so wonderful to hear from you! MindHeal is a concept I have evolved based on my own experiences and after learning from some of the stalwarts of homeopathy. I established it exactly a year ago, blending the role of mind and body in disease and health. It is also the name of my practice here in Mumbai. I am also simultaneously with Dr Vijaykar's Predictive School of Homeopathy. Thanks for writing in and do drop me a line some time :)

  3. Anita you must tell me about for that cure of the ptosis becouse i sufering ptosis in my two eyes and a very sad for this for me is big problem in my live becouse i don`t feel good whit my self and homeopathy is something new is a hope for my problem,homeopathy becomes a key for many door for my live in the way of live and love everything becouse i do,i try to love every thing,i feel much beter doing but my ptosis makes a conflic whit my self and i don't give peace for me and any thing thats around me.
    Thank you very much for doing wath your doing.

    1. You sound like you understand the connection between mind and body and I think you will benefit from homeopathy Why don't you email me on the address below ( call my clinic on: 9930363981? That way, we can take it further.

    2. Mam I have also ptosis what can I do.

    3. Mam I have also ptosis what can I do.

  4. My name is Angelo,i'm writing from spain, scusme for my bad inglis.
    I'll thank you a lot if oyu writh to me to my email
    is "
    im the guy of the other the "anonymous" coment,sorry.

    1. Hello Angelo, I consult with patients overseas via Skype. If you like, you could email me at: and we can proceed.

  5. I am nearly seventy years .M y hearing ability is deteriorating fast.While I use hearing aids.,is there some different approach in your system which basically halts the deteriioration and improve my hearing.My problem is basically nerve related-the audio nerves are weakening

    1. You are absolutely correct when you say that homeopathy can halt further deterioration. It is definitely possible. In my experience, nerve regeneration is possible even if to some extent... the amount of progress depends on many factors. I would love to take up your case if you like. Why don't you email me at: or call me at my clinic on: 9930363981.

  6. Hello, My name is Marie and i have minor ptosis. I would love to consult with you.

  7. Hello mam, My name is Priya and i live in Kolkata.
    I have a lazy right eye. I had congenital cataract and an amblyopic right eye which was operated when i was 2 years old. Now am 23 and even after the operation there was no improvement in the vision. and even after having a squint surgery the squint is still visible. Is there a treatment in homeopathy for atleast straightening my eye if not the vision coz it really lowerz my confidence.

  8. Hi Anita,

    My son is 2yrs old now and was born during the end of 7th month through a c-section. he seems to have ptosis of the left eye. its not completely shut, but lets say about 25%. He also has a squint in the eye only when he moves his eye around. at times he looks perfectly normal. I dont want to go into surgery at this point. I am also not in a position to travel to meet you. I can skype if need be, and i'd like to hear from you whether there would be any possible solution during his growth stages.

    please let me know.

    1. you can mail me at geeksrik [at] gmail [dot] com

  9. Hello Dr. Anita,

    I went through your article. After going through it, I surely see a hope for all Ptosis patients.

    My son who is 3 years old now, has got Ptosis on his left eye from birth due to tough delivery. We got him checked at Arvind eye hospital, Coimbatore and his vision is not getting affected by Ptosis. However, many a time like after crying, before sleep or after wake up we see difference in eyes.

    Can this be cured. Also since we live in Delhi, do you have any branch here where we can get him checked.


    Deepak Murthy

  10. Would it be ok to message you for a consult? I have ptosis after a stroke along with miss matched eyes. They are calling it third nerve palsy. I'm going to need to go back to work so would like to get this healed as quickly as possible. I'm sure you can help.

    I'm in California, USA

  11. My baby was born with ptosis because I think her hand was covering her eye too much during the development . How can we fix that ?